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Meet The Team

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Les Greenberg & Linda Slipyan
Ibis residents since 1998

Les is originally from the Boston area where he made a career on the financial side of several businesses. His most recent business involvement was as partner and financial executive for more than a quarter-century in an advertising media placement agency.

Les brings that financial knowhow and organization skills to the business of residential real estate sales in the Palm Beaches along with Linda, whose overall residential real estate sales experience is extensive. She has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry in the Palm Beach area and also sold in New Jersey for 10 years.

Finding that perfect match for a buyer looking to buy a bigger, buy smaller or the first-time buyer in Florida always involves a financial component. And determining the best price to set for the home seller in this ever-changing real estate market is of great importance.

So, The Slipyan and Greenberg Group is truly the perfect team for your real estate needs!




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